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Nov 6, 2020
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CRREM at PropertyNL

PropertyNL, a dutch webpage specialized on Real Estate news, has published the article ‘Klimaattransparantie in de vastgoedmarkt’. The article talks about the climate crisis and climate risk in the Real Estate sector. The post also talks about the CRREM tool and its usefulness for investors. Read the full article at Klimaattransparantie in de vastgoedmarkt (Dutch)

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CRREM at Immobilienmanager

The German newspaper Immobilienmanager has published an article titled ‘Der Fußabdruck muss kleiner werden’. The article mentions some results of CRREM project. Here you can find the link: Der Fußabdruck muss kleiner werden (German)

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IIGCC has published the draft Net Zero Investment Framework

IIGCC has published an advanced version of the consultation report ‘Net Zero Investment Framework’, from the Paris Aligned Investment Initiative. This document provides a practical blueprint for investors, with the goal to maximise their contribution in tackling climate change and achieving net zero emissions globally by 2050.+ Find the full document at PAII Net Zero […]

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