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     Climate Change Specialist, Erik Landry

The CRREM pathways are also integrated into GRESB

B) measurabl

    Senior Product Manager, Art Bath


    Executive Director, Sergio Schuchner

D) BuildingMinds

    Head of Sustainability & Scientific Research, Dr. Jens Hirsch

E) Verdani

    Founder & CEO, Daniele Horton

F) Deepki

  COO, Emmanuel Blanchet

G) apilize

Director, Olga Dentzel

H) Metabuild

Founder & CEO, Tariq Kaddoura

The CRREM pathways are integrated in our results.

– Our solutions: Portfolio check, Current situation analysis, Renovation design study

– Link to our portfolio check:

I) Scaler

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Luc van de Boom

J) Altus Power

Head of Analytics, Steve D’Agostino