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Climate Strategy underlines the key role of CRREM

We are pleased to announce that Peter Sweatman (CEO of Climate Strategy) regognised the CRREM tool as one of six strategies to unlock buildings sustainability using financial levers. He underlines the key role of the CRREM tool in this years Royal Society conference. Read more here … or Find out how CRREM can assist you […]

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Blockchain & Climate Institute using CRREM

We are happy to announce that the Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI), a progressive think tank providing leading expertise in emerging technologies deployment for climate and sustainability actions, has published two articles this summer about the CRREM tool. CRREM is mentioned as a robust framework for quantifying and managing transition risk in the real estate […]

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Timing the Transition – CRREM at the AEW’s “Climate Informed Real Estate Returns In Europe” Research Report

We are pleased to announce that AEW, one of the largest real estate investment managers in the world and CRREM GSIC member, focused on Transition Risk and CRREM in their June Research Report “Climate Informed Real Estate Returns In Europe”. The report provides initial estimates of the impact of climate change on European real estate […]

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