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The Securities and Exchange Commission proposes new rules amendments

The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed rule amendments that would require a domestic or foreign registrant to include certain climate-related information in its registration statements and periodic reports such as as on Form 10-K, including: ● Climate-related risks and their actual or likely material impacts on the registrant’s business, strategy, and outlook;● The registrant’s governance […]

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The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor initiative (CRREM) have published a project report and investor guide “Managing Transition Risk in Real Estate: Aligning to the Paris Climate Accord”. It presents the main outputs, results and lessons learned from applying the Task Force on Climate-related Financial […]

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Workcloud24 publishes new market report

The latest report from Workcloud24 about digitization in real estate and its impact on ESG and leasing activities has been published this month. CEO Hubert Abt says that owners of real estate have a choice to make, either they play in the “green premium” or “grey discount” team. You want to read more? You may […]

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