GRESB, CRREM and PCAF Join Forces


Green GovernanceA holistic approach for feasible and successful Net Zero Transition Plans in the real estate industry The CRREM initiative releases a report on Green Governance and how to implement and develop feasible Net Zero Transition Plans in the real estate industry. The report was authored by the CRREM team and supported by EPRA and […]

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CRREM, ULI and Berkeley Lab Join Forces

  CRREM [Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor], ULI [Urban Land Institute], Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [Berkeley Lab] are partnering to further increase the granularity of the regional US and Canada CRREM pathways. Austria – March 29, 2023 – Measuring and understanding property related emissions is increasingly important, with the global push toward a more sustainable […]

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GRESB, CRREM and PCAF Join Forces

GRESB, CRREM and PCAF Join Forces

GRESB, PCAF [Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials], and CRREM [Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor] are partnering up in 2021 to provide investors and banks with the guidance they need to measure and report on their financed emissions from real estate. Furthermore, this partnership is meant to help financial institutions formulate, set, and implement forward-looking targets […]

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Laudes Foundation supports CRREM

  We are very excited to announce that the Laudes Foundation will support the updates and enhancements of the CRREM Risk Assessment Tool within the next years. Laudes Foundation was launched in 2020 as part of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise and aims at challenging and inspiring the industry to harness its power for good. Laudes […]

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TIAS article: Twee voor twaalf

Our partner TIAS has posted an article talking about climate risk and investment dynamics. The post refers to Blackrock letter to CEO’s and presents CRREM as a means to measure and monitor carbon risk in real estate. Here you can read the full article in dutch: TIAS – Twee voor twaalf

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Rik Recourt: ‘ESG: Are you exposed to climate-change risk?’

Our colleague Rik Recourt (GRESB) has published an article in the real estate magazine ‘IPE: Real assets’. The text, posted on the November-December edition, talks about how the real estate investors can reduce their asset’s risk. The author explains how climate change can increase the risk os the real estate assets, due to physical and […]

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Real estate and decarbonization. CRREM Special Issue

Guest Editors: Sven Bienert, Stanley McGreal, Paloma Taltavull

Journal of European Real Estate Research, 13(3)

Guest editorial

Sven Bienert, Stanley McGreal, Paloma Taltavull

Pp 273-276

Carbon risk real estate monitor: making decarbonisation in the real estate sector measurable

Maximilian M. Spanner, Julia Wein

Pp 277-299

The value effects of green retrofits

Dirk Brounen, Alexander Michael Groh, Martin Haran

Pp 301-319

Advancing capacity to adapt to climate change: addressing information needs in the Australian property industry

Georgia Warren-Myers, Anna Hurlimann, Judy Bush

Pp 321-335

The impact of renewable on-site energy production on property values

Niina Leskinen, Jussi Vimpari, Seppo Junnila

Pp 337-356

Automatic energy demand assessment in low-carbon investments: a neural network approach for building portfolios

Laura Gabrielli, Aurora Greta Ruggeri, Massimiliano Scarpa

Pp 357-385

Decarbonising real estate: The evolving relationship between energy efficiency and housing in Europe

Sara Jane Wilkinson, Sarah Sayce

Pp 387-408

Energy performance certificates and house prices: a quantile regression approach

Michael McCord, Martin Haran, Peadar Davis, John McCord

Pp 409-434

Courts’ views on climate change inundation risks for developments: Australian perspectives and considerations for valuers

Lucy Cradduck, Georgia Warren-Myers, Bianca Stringer

Pp 435-453

The future of sustainable real estate investments in a post-COVID-19 world

John Pike

Pp 445-460