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German carbon tax targeting buildings

Since January the 1st 2021, Germany introduced also a carbon tax that will be relevant for buildings. Current regulatory plans indicate that landlords and tenants will cover the tax each by 50 %. A step up from the current 25 Euro per tonne is already part of the regulation. Find out more… or Start assessing […]

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CRREM initiative named as benchmark by Allianz Real Estate to help meet its carbon emissions and energy efficiency targets

Allianz Real Estate announces that their investments are analysed and reported against CRREM’s decarbonisation pathways. Allianz Real Estate is targeting a reduction in carbon emissions from its global portfolio of 25 per cent by 2025. The decrease is part of the firm’s wide-ranging and extensive global sustainability program initiated in 2019 and supports Allianz Real […]

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EU about to expand its emissions trading system to buildings

As stated on April 22nd, the EU will apply its emissions trading scheme to buildings in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming. This clearly further highlights the urgent need to track emissions and manage carbon risk to avoid stranded assets. Find out more about carbon pricing and how the CRREM tool […]

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