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Timing the Transition – CRREM at the AEW’s “Climate Informed Real Estate Returns In Europe” Research Report

We are pleased to announce that AEW, one of the largest real estate investment managers in the world and CRREM GSIC member, focused on Transition Risk and CRREM in their June Research Report “Climate Informed Real Estate Returns In Europe”. The report provides initial estimates of the impact of climate change on European real estate […]

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CRREM at the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum

We are happy to announce that the CRREM initiative was invited to present the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor at the “Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum: Energy efficiency finance market place” which took place on 15th and 16th of June 2021. Our colleague Sven Bienert participated at the event jointly organized by the European Commission’s […]

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MC-UBS uses the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor to assess its properties

We congratulate MC-UBS, asset manager for the Japan Metropolitan Fund Investment Corporation, on using the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor to simulate the Value at Risk (VaR) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of its properties. “MCUBS (…) recognizes that climate change is an important environmental issue that significantly impacts our business activities. (…) It is […]

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