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Global carbon markets reached a record $909 billion in 2022

According to Reuters, around 12.5 billion tonnes of carbon permits were traded on the global emissions markets. Although this is 20 % less than in the previous year, the market value increased by 14 % as prices for permits were significantly higher. The price of carbon permits in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme exceeded €80 […]

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Waiting is not an option! Stranded assets in the portfolio can be avoided…

According to Aareal Bank, software and/or service providers can help to avoid stranded assets in the portfolio. On the one hand, they enable the identification of properties whose CO2 emissions can be reduced, and on the other hand, of properties whose disposal should be examined as energetic retrofitting is no longer economically viable. Find out […]

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BPIE study shows: Full renovation of EU residential building stock could safe 44 % of energy demand for heating

According to a recent study by the Building Performance Institute (BPIE), renovating all existing residential buildings in the EU could save 44% of the final energy used to heat homes. Investment in building renovation can significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels for building heating, resulting in savings of 46% for gas, 44% for fuel […]

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