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Nov 6, 2020
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The ULI Blueprint for Green Real Estate mention CRREM

The new ULI Greenprint Center report, The ULI Blueprint for Green Real Estate, aims to build the business case and outline a basic strategy for all real estate organizations to either begin investing in sustainability or build on their successes, while also providing additional project profiles and resources to reference and leverage. It includes  CRREM […]

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Participation in the 2020 GRESB Real Estate Benchmark leaps 22% amid accelerating investor demand for ESG data

As a part of Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) project, GRESB applied the CRREM Tool to estimate data reported in the 2020 Assessment. The GRESB’s early analysis of participants who were able to provide 100% data coverage in Europe shows that average GHG intensity of participants exceeds the CRREM 2C pathway by 2035, and […]

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Real estate market. decarbonization and economic growth (Mercado inmobiliario, descarbonización y crecimiento económico)

CRREM has organized a seminar for Students (Master course in Economics and PhD Student in Economics) about how to apply the tool and the impact on building investment. The organization was in collaboration with the ‘Cátedra de Transformación del Modelo Económico Valenciano’ and several experts on finance, public management and valuers attended. The seminar reached […]

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