Experience of Participants

“CRREM is a very insightful and practical tool that gives us very clear guidance on the environmental performance of our portfolio and supports us in making future investment decisions for both new acquisitions as capex projects.”

Ronald van der Waals, fund manager CBRE Dutch Office Fund, managed by CBRE Global Investors

“EVORA has already begun integrating the use of the CRREM tool into the climate resilience strategies of our clients. The tool’s country and property type specific decarbonisation benchmarks for individual assets has proved a significant step forward, enabling clients to prioritise energy consumption and emission reduction efforts and budgets towards individual assets whilst ensuring overall portfolio decarbonisation targets are met.”

Peter Willcocks, Sustainability Consultant, EVORA Global

“CRREM is a helpful tool that can support companies in assessing the required reduction in carbon emissions at asset level.”

Fernanda Amemiya, Sustainability Reporting Manager, Landsec

“The CRREM tool certainly has a benefit for us as an investor.
Firstly, because it provides us with reduction pathways for properties, we have exposure to, based on a specific property type.
Secondly, it clearly shows us which assets within a certain portfolio will likely be at risk in the near future.
This type of information also allows for better understanding why certain assets are having higher intensity rates, whether additional capex is needed or whether this is due to for example tenant behaviour, or maybe even data gathering issues.”

Mathieu Elshout, Senior Director Private Real Estate, PGGM

“The climate crisis is the defining crisis of our time and it’s happening even faster than we expected. The transition to a low carbon world must accelerate in every corner of the world to meet the commitments made in the Paris Climate Agreement.
The transition pathways for the real estate sector is an important addition to address the challenges in our sector.
The pathways will help us understand and mitigate the climate risks and the requirement for retrofit investment on asset level in our real estate portfolio.”

Filip Elland, Head of Sustainability, Castellum

“An introduction of a carbon pricing, preferred in a market scheme similar to ETS, will lead also in the Real Estate market to a significant and fast decarbonisation, either in the commercial or in the residential buildings.
And it will push the architecture and building technologies to reduce greenhouse gases, during construction and the whole life cycle.”

Olaf Schulze, Director Energy Management METRO + Member of the Task Force for Carbon Pricing in Europe

“BREEAM is proud to be working with CRREM to bring forward clearer guidance to the real estate sector on what a trajectory to a truly decarbonized real estate sector looks like.
The insights from the CRREM research will provide a strong evidence based upon which building certification systems can adopt to further enhance holistic approaches like BREEAM.”

Dr. Shamir Ghumra, BREEAM Director, BRE Global

“The CRREM tool will allow us to measure, through GRESB, to what extent our global portfolio is aligned with a 1.5 degree scenario. It will also inform our investment decisions going forward and it can be used as an engagement tool.
We would like to encourage all investment managers, listed real estate companies but also green certification schemes to use these pathways as the common language to measure Paris Alignment.
This is also the reason we have decided to fund the development of these pathways outside Europe and include also non-commercial real estate.”

Derk Welling, Senior Responsible Investment & Governance Specialist, APG