Service Providers

BuildingMinds ermöglicht Immobilieninvestitionen und Unternehmensimmobilienmanagement einen ganzheitlichen Ansatz für das Dekarbonisierungsmanagement und darüber hinaus. Die BuildingMinds SaaS-Plattform bietet automatisierte Nachhaltigkeitsdatenerfassung und bequemen Export in Berichtsrahmen wie GRESB, szenariobasierte CO2-Kostenvorhersagen, Stranding-Risikoanalyse mit CRREM-Benchmarks und eine Simulation von Nachrüstungsszenarien, um die Maßnahmen mit dem besten Gleichgewicht zwischen Reduzierungen und Kapital zu identifizieren Ausgaben.

Founded in 2014, Deepki has developed a SaaS solution that uses data intelligence to guide real estate players in their net-zero transition. The solution leverages customer data to improve assets’ ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance and maximize asset value. Deepki operates in 52 countries, with 350 team members across offices in Paris, London, Berlin, Milan and Madrid. The company serves clients including Generali Real Estate, SwissLife Asset Managers and the French government, helping to make their real estate assets more sustainable at scale.

Alasco’s ESG management tool empowers asset managers to thoroughly analyze the ESG performance of their portfolios and proactively drive decarbonization efforts. One of its pivotal components is the integration of CRREM pathways, which play a vital role in our CO₂ Monitor. The tool automatically calculates the energy and emission balance while assessing the stranding risk. Furthermore, our tool includes a simulation feature that optimizes portfolio performance. Users can leverage this simulation to evaluate the impact of various measures on the stranding point, CO₂ reduction, and associated costs, enabling them to achieve the best possible cost-value ratio.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we aim to achieve net-zero carbon (NZC) in every building by 2050. Our team conducts an NZC audit to identify the necessary building interventions to achieve NZC in operation. CBRE has a large team of in-house engineers that can conduct dynamic building performance simulations (BPS) using IES software. This is the most accurate methodology to find out the exact impact of potential efficiency measures. We provide a comprehensive report that outlines the estimated CAPEX, carbon, and energy savings associated with each intervention. Together with our in-house property management expertise and asset management strategy, we provide an investment plan to stay under the CRREM pathway intensity values.

Metabuild has developed the world’s most powerful building simulation technology which includes CRREM pathways for energy demand and CO2 emissions. Metabuild’s consulting services are the easiest and fastest way for asset holders to achieve climate goals and minimize ESG risks. Analyse your portfolio with Metabuild and get the most cost-effective refurbishment measures – science and simulation based.

CRREM has helped facilitate the advice we provide our clients on the ‘fair share’ of carbon reduction their assets need to make to keep warming within 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.  CRREM forms the backbone for how EVORA quantifies the speed, scale, and cost for transitioning to net zero carbon.

Essentially every building should be (close to) net-zero carbon (NZC) by 2050. With the NZC audit, we explain the building interventions required to achieve NZC in operation, together with the associated likely cost and energy savings. The backbone of this service is the science-based dynamic building performance model that enables us to calculate the effect of potential efficiency measures. The planned interventions and investments are timed so the carbon and energy intensity values always stay under the applicable CRREM pathway.

Schoen Sustainability conducts CRREM-aligned transition risk assessment, helping real estate asset managers measure building energy use and emissions and assess performance against CRREM energy and emissions targets by property type and market.

Scius is a Canadian research and consulting company that specialises in advancing sustainability in the built environment around the world. We provide CRREM assessments as part of a suite of services aimed at helping property owners understand their decarbonisation risks and chart a course to zero carbon construction and operation of their assets.


The XDC Model, developed by right. based on science, calculates the climate impact of real estate assets over time and expresses it in °C, thus providing clarity on their (mis-)alignment to the ‘well below 2°C’ goal of the Paris Agreement . A building’s X-Degree Compatibility (XDC) is determined by comparing its emission intensity over time to the relevant CRREM pathway. The effect of modernisation measures can be considered in the analysis, helping users steer their real estate portfolios towards 1.5°C.

nanoGrid® is a leading European provider for real-time energy monitoring in real estate. Their platform optimizes ESG reporting and energy savings. Clients like Goodman, CBRE, and WDP monitor energy consumption across over 12 million square meters using the system. Through meticulous installation, remote control, and maintenance nanoGrid has been saving energy & water for its clients uninterruptedly for 12+ years . The software offers real-time consumption management, seamless integration with ESG reporting tools. nanoGrid promotes sustainability and optimizes energy profiles.

GreenPlace supports asset owners, asset managers, banks, insurance companies, asset intensive corporates and the public sector on their decarbonisation journeys.

We adopt science-based methods, data driven insights, proprietary software and built environment domain expertise to measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions at scale. The CRREM tool is a valuable part of our platform offering to accelerate the built environment’s transition to net zero.

Habitech, leader in Italy in the promotion of innovation processes in real estate, is able to plan the required asset improvements for NZC objectives and can quantify the energy savings and costs associated with several retrofit options. CRREM pathway is the standard reference for our analyses, through it we can plan and assess interventions and investments complying with carbon and energy intensity values aligned with the Paris Agreements for the 2°C and 1.5°C targets. The analysis is then integrated with other services adapted to the specific case, such as energy modelling, embodied carbon assessments and NZ certifications.


Turley is an employee owned consultancy offering ESG and Net Zero Expertise at a corporate, development and asset level. The Turley team have extensive experience of deploying CRREM across global asset portfolios allowing organisations to demonstrate climate leadership and future proof investments. The Turley team are skilled at multi-tracking and streamlining alignment with CRREM alongside corporate frameworks like SBTi or more local initiatives such as from the UKGBC or BBP.

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VELMA ESG is a SaaS platform to prepare ESG report in accordance with international standards and government regulations without the need for engineering knowledge. VELMA helps calculate the carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol and analyze decarbonization paths using the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor. CRREM methodology – leading global standard and initiative for operational decarbonization (of real estate assets).

Drees & Sommer is the leading European consulting, planning and project management enterprise and your innovative partner for consulting, planning, construction and operation. Buildings and infrastructure have the largest ecological footprint and are at risk of turning into stranded assets. Using the CRREM Tool, our experts can assess the carbon footprint of your assets, identify the adequate decarbonization measures and thus mitigate the exposure of your assets to climate related risks.


Allied Environmental Consultants Limited is a Hong Kong based pioneer sustainability and environmental consulting firm, striving to provide one-stop on-demand services with an extensive portfolio. By being the first service provider to use the tool of CRREM in Asia Pacific Region, we can provide appropriate science-based carbon reduction pathways for our clients. Our professional teams are well-equipped and ready to accelerate your journey towards sustainability and carbon neutrality, in hopes of shaping a greener built environment and a more sustainable future.


Arup is the leading global firm of designers, engineers and consultants dedicated to sustainable development. We help our clients in their decarbonisation transition thanks to our deep expertise in the built environment and our innovative digital capabilities. We provide strategic ESG consulting for portfolios and assets owners, stranding risk assessments according to CRREM and decarbonisation roadmaps that include data-driven technical and economic solutions. We support clients from the initial scenarios-testing all the way to the implementation and monitoring of the suggested roadmaps and measures over time.

As a market development team, we strive to create comfortable, architecturally appealing residential & non-residential buildings that are affordable for everyone and can be implemented within a few weeks’ construction time. How? Through the serial prefabrication of facade elements with windows, prefabricated roof solutions incl. PV as well as prefabricated TGA solutions.

TÜV SÜD Advimo offers holistic ESG benchmarking and optimisation to decarbonise buildings. A key module and starting point for all further investigations is the CRREM tool, which supports real estate investors and corporate property managers in calculating the gap between status quo and target values. TÜV SÜD Advimo specialises in developing asset- and portfolio-specific decarbonisation strategies based on our many years of experience and in-depth engineering expertise. This is done by using CRREM to show the client-specific decarbonisation pathway and the impact of clearly defined and technically feasible measures, taking into account underlying time management. In addition, we offer further ESG assessments for a holistic real estate benchmarking.


Longevity Partners is a multidisciplinary energy and sustainability consultancy, supporting businesses in the transition to a low carbon economy across the UK, Europe and worldwide. We provide strategic guidance, compliance support and innovative solutions to real assets companies, enabling our clients to achieve their energy and resource efficiency targets, reduce their environmental impact, and future-proof their businesses. We help our clients to evaluate the carbon footprint of their real assets and assess the financial risks associated with carbon emissions. We use the CRREM tool to identify the most carbon-intensive properties and develop strategies to reduce their emissions. We also support investors to make informed decisions about their real estate investments and ensure that they are adequately prepared for future regulatory changes.


CSRD is an independent ESG consulting firm based in Japan, specialized in the real estate, infrastructure and financial sectors. Aiming for transformation to a sustainable world, we act as a Data Partner for CRREM, the GRESB’s recommended Premier Partner in the Japanese market and the PCAF Japan secretariat. With such expertise, we offer extensive services from advisory on ESG assessments, e.g., GRESB, CDP to ESG disclosures and to climate risk analysis.


Elan is a consultancy firm affiliated with Bouygues Group, dedicated to help real estate companies in adopting more sustainable practices. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as energy, low carbon solutions, climate change adaptation, circular economy, and biodiversity, we help our clients to develop effective climate strategies. Thanks to the use of CRREM, we help our customers create a roadmap to achieve an ambitious pathway aligned with the 1.5°C target by 2100.


Arcadis Sustainability Advisory is a world-renowned leader in providing sustainability strategy development and advisory services across diverse industries. Our extensive network enables us to offer global expertise at a local scale, with a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes for our clients. We are dedicated to collaborating with our clients, sharing knowledge and making a positive impact. Our solutions are tailored to help organisations navigate the complex sustainability landscape, including the use of advanced tools such as CRREM, which provides science-based targets within the built environment to analyse data, report, assess, challenge, improve and ultimately thrive as a resilient business.

Woonerf Inc is a sustainability consulting and engineering services firm in Japan. We support the real estate sector stakeholders – funds, investors, owners, developers, designers, and people – to design, build, occupy, and operate sustainable & healthy real assets.  We use CRREM for several use cases for our clients, including ESG due diligence, risk assessment, and decarbonization roadmap planning for their assets in Japan and overseas. 

Northrop, a leading Australian engineering consultancy, utilises cutting-edge tools and techniques to provide effective solutions that meet our clients’ sustainability goals. With over 40 years of experience and a team of over 550 people across ten offices in Australia, we have a wealth of expertise in Civil, Structural, Building Services, and emerging and niche engineering services. We understand the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) services and sustainability expertise to our clients, and we work collaboratively to create long-term relationships that help them achieve their potential. At Northrop, we use the CRREM tool to analyse our clients’ asset performance, providing meaningful advice on effective strategies to reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions across their portfolio, and deliver on our Climate Action Goal of all Northrop projects to be carbon neutral and climate resilient.

Founded in 1985 in Switzerland and now present in Germany and France, Wüest Partner is at the crossroads of Real Estate valuation, ESG consulting and digital solutions. We use a combination of digital intelligence and human experience to help real estate players in the decarbonization and optimization of their portfolios through ESG analysis and rating, carbon due diligence, Energy and CO2 trajectory and data visualization. We conduct risk assessment and analysis by determining the stranding point and stranded assets. Finally, we help our clients to comply with regulations (European taxonomy and SFDR) through the definition and implementation of KPIs for extra-financing reports.

Gleeds is a leading global property and construction consultancy. Independent since 1885, we are proud to deliver award-winning projects around the world. Our ESG consultants help embed sustainable practices at every stage, from planning to operation – realising savings and meeting sustainability objectives. We use CRREM as a key tool to support clients with the valuation of real estate assets, both for due diligence processes and for large portfolio benchmarking. Roadmaps including carbon and energy retrofitting measures offer our clients real cost savings and help them align with the decarbonization and energy pathways derived by the CRREM project, the EU Green Deal, and the Paris Agreement.

Hollis is all together different. We work with owners, occupiers, developers and funders to help them get more out of their real estate. We help our clients to add, protect and sustain value in their real estate through improving ESG metrics. Our strategic ESG consulting supports clients with the use of the CRREM tool to identify stranding year at acquisition, ownership or sale and provides practical decarbonisation pathways. Out integrated One Team approach ensures a well rounded solution that we can also implement for our clients.

GET is a consulting firm that works to be in service to Developers, Investors, Designers, Contractors, Manufacturers and Corporates, to build their capacity for regenerating living systems and make possible their unique contributions to the transformation of the built environment. We adopt CRREM in real estate market, to support our clients in enabling the development of mitigation strategies, tracking GHG mitigation annually over time and assessing the progress of investors’ carbon performance and related carbon costs, analysing the impact of retrofit on total carbon performance (trade-off between embodied carbon and operational savings), and ensure alignment with other stsandard like GRESB, INREV, PCAF and others)

Cemasys is an accredited CDP and Science Based Targets – partner. We are a specialized sustainability consultancy delivering a wide spectrum of innovative ESG-system solutions and analytical expertise. Cemasys helps clients in data gathering and management, analysis, target development, ESG reporting, and carbon offsetting.


Atominvest provides a unified, powerful and easy-to-use software platform that delivers functionality across the entire investment & fund lifecycle including ESG data collection and reporting. Our SaaS platform streamlines ESG management at every stage with automated data collection, visualisation tools, strategy & action plans, and a report builder. We work with our clients to accomplish their sustainability goals including GRESB reporting and transition planning based on the CRREM pathways.

ESA engineering, since its origins, has embraced a design methodology driven by sustainability, offering innovative services aligned with current needs. Supported by extensive expertise in key environmental certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL, and a strong understanding of Italian and European regulations, ESA provides practical and technical consultancy, encompassing a comprehensive sustainability strategy especially in terms of reduction of consumption and emissions. With a multi-disciplinary technical approach ESA deals with design and construction from the earliest conceptual stage of a project, aiming for a balance between customers’ expectations and environmental needs. Utilizing CRREM tool, ESA evaluates asset carbon footprints and identifies the suitable decarbonization measures to be implemented, both for new constructions and renovations.

As a research and specialist design company, ATP sustain has been an incubator for the implementation of scientific findings and innovations in the integrated design process in Vienna and Munich since 2009. Working together in an interdisciplinary team on a constant stream of new challenges is our source of motivation. Through the CRREM analyses, we gain insights into the carbon footprint of buildings and can identify potential climate risks associated with climate change. This enables us to quantify the environmental impact of buildings and plan measures to reduce their carbon footprint. It also forms the basis for a CO2 audit to identify specific optimization and renovation measures. These analyses are extremely valuable as they enable investors, real estate developers and owners to assess the climate impact of buildings and make sustainable investment decisions.

At Mace Spain, we advise our clients on the path to decarbonization, establishing a clear strategy based on the calculation of the carbon footprint and the use of CREEM to improve decision-making and portfolio analysis, assessing the climate risks associated with carbon emissions, taking into account different factors such as energy consumption, retrofit plan, indirect emissions, and emissions associated with renovation. With CREEM, we can help investors, owners and decision-makers understand the potential impact of climate risks on real estate assets by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement (global warming below +1.5°C) and align their strategies with SBTi, GRESB and CDP between others.

we provide science-driven climate risk analytics using CRREM to inform project developers and asset managers about potential climate risks for their assets and portfolios.

GREAID GmbH developing strategies for the decarbonization of real estate based on simulation models and CRREM. The Focus is on repositioning of existing buildings.

PGI Energy & Sustainability has more than 10 years of experience in Consultancy and Sustainability Services, providing added value to obtain the best results, optimising costs, and providing efficient and sustainable solutions that give the best cost-benefit ratio. Our services range from sustainability, health and product certifications, corporate ESG strategies, sustainability reports and decarbonisation studies, among others. To advise investors, owners and managers on the decarbonisation of assets, we use the CRREM tool, which helps quantify the emissions reductions they need to make to stay in line with the Paris Agreement and limit the temperature increase to below 1.5ºC or well below 2ºC by 2050. In addition, we carry out a simulation to propose the best technical and economic proposals for improvement as well as the implication of the associated energy costs and savings.

GreenGen is a global sustainability and climate leader operating at the intersection of energy, real estate, capital markets, and technology to drive financial and climate outcomes. We assess, engineer, and implement turn-key solutions that reduce operating costs, drive asset value, lower carbon emissions, and achieve sustainability goals. Our unique engineering-led approach transforms the world’s built environment across asset types by enabling a profitable transition to a zero-carbon future and helping our clients Operate in the Green®. GreenGen’s global engineering team, located in the US, Europe, and Asia, leverages CRREM in our building analyses and solution development to ensure our Net Zero pathways and asset action plans developed are compliant and mitigate stranding risk for the assets and our clients. 

How we build, maintain and operate our buildings is changing in response to the challenge of reaching net zero. Our team provide the holistic design response across all areas of building energy and sustainability that is required to meet this challenge.

We deliver design advice for new developments, from passive measures, through to energy strategies, smart buildings and renewable technologies; and create strategic pathways for existing buildings and portfolios to achieve net zero, embracing social value, wellbeing and climate resilience.

Founded in 2012, Catalyst is an ESG, Technical Advisory and digitalisation consultancy with specialist expertise in the real estate, property and construction sectors. We drive performance improvements, maximising opportunities, and minimising risks, in ESG, quality and asset safety for our clients who include property developers, real estate funds and multi-national corporations. Our ESG consultancy supports clients from strategy to implementation, at corporate, fund, portfolio and asset level leveraging on green buildings certifications, expertise on EU and national sustainable finance (Taxonomy, SFDR, CSRD, etc.), developments of net-zero pathways and social impact advisory. Our aim to help deliver a greener, safer built environment. We use the CRREM tool to inform asset and portfolio-level decarbonisation strategies and roadmaps. We are proud to serve clients globally to help deliver a greener, safer built environment from our offices in Ireland, the UK, Spain and Italy.

Ecopenta is a firm established in Barcelona formed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, environmentalists and architects dedicated to sustainable development with deep expertise in the built environment . We provide strategic ESG and decarbonization consulting stranding risk assessments according to CRREM and decarbonisation roadmaps, among other services such as sustainability, health and product certifications, taxonomy analysis and sustainability reports,   for portfolios and assets owners. We support clients from the initial scenarios all the way to the implementation and monitoring of the suggested roadmaps and measures over time. We are a sincere boutique consulting that cares about our clients outcomes and needs. 

Created in 1928, Deerns is an engineering and consultancy firm specialised in the design and optimisation of installations for high performance buildings, for people and industries to thrive. Present in 9 countries and designing projects in more than 60 countries, our consultancy and engineering services cover the entire lifecycle of buildings, from transactional stage due diligences, to buildings design, operations optimization and renovation. With our 600 experts worldwide, we integrating in-house the technical expertise for delivering sustainable, low-carbon, smart and healthy buildings, in the following markets: Commercial and residential real estate, healthcare, data-centres, life-sciences, electronics labs and airports. The specialized teams sustainability, energy auditing and building performance modeling can support Portfolio owners and Investors in their decarbonisation pathway and CRREM analysis.

LCBI is a pan-european initiative gathering major real-estate players in Europe to harmonize building carbon life-cycle accounting throughout Europe. As many differences exist between players to assess building’s carbon emission, making difficult to achieve targets, the LCBI methodology aims at harmonizing the measurement and practice of Life-Cycle Analysis across Europe with a pure carbon indicator (kgCO2e/m2), consistent with local regulations. The methodology measures building’s performance on three criteria: embodied carbon, operational carbon and biogenic carbon stored (use of bio-sourced material)