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Our colleague Juan José Lafuente has published an article about buildings stranding risk as a consequence of the EPC requirements. The article, titled ‘Sustainability: How EPC requirements could leave buildings at stranding risk’, explains how the new decarbonisation targets are a challenge for the UK Real Estate sector. The properties will need to adapt to […]

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Real estate and decarbonization. CRREM Special Issue

Guest Editors: Sven Bienert, Stanley McGreal, Paloma Taltavull

Journal of European Real Estate Research, 13(3)

Guest editorial

Sven Bienert, Stanley McGreal, Paloma Taltavull

Pp 273-276

Carbon risk real estate monitor: making decarbonisation in the real estate sector measurable

Maximilian M. Spanner, Julia Wein

Pp 277-299

The value effects of green retrofits

Dirk Brounen, Alexander Michael Groh, Martin Haran

Pp 301-319

Advancing capacity to adapt to climate change: addressing information needs in the Australian property industry

Georgia Warren-Myers, Anna Hurlimann, Judy Bush

Pp 321-335

The impact of renewable on-site energy production on property values

Niina Leskinen, Jussi Vimpari, Seppo Junnila

Pp 337-356

Automatic energy demand assessment in low-carbon investments: a neural network approach for building portfolios

Laura Gabrielli, Aurora Greta Ruggeri, Massimiliano Scarpa

Pp 357-385

Decarbonising real estate: The evolving relationship between energy efficiency and housing in Europe

Sara Jane Wilkinson, Sarah Sayce

Pp 387-408

Energy performance certificates and house prices: a quantile regression approach

Michael McCord, Martin Haran, Peadar Davis, John McCord

Pp 409-434

Courts’ views on climate change inundation risks for developments: Australian perspectives and considerations for valuers

Lucy Cradduck, Georgia Warren-Myers, Bianca Stringer

Pp 435-453

The future of sustainable real estate investments in a post-COVID-19 world

John Pike

Pp 445-460