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The Spanish international news agency EFE has published an article about CRREM and its findings. Here you can find the link to the publication: EFE – El desafío de los edificios comerciales para cumplir con el Acuerdo de Paris        

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CRREM in La Vanguardia

The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia has posted an article talking about CRREM and its first report ‘Stranding Risk and Carbon’. Here you can find the link: La Vanguardia – Por qué nuestros edificios van 14 años tarde  

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CRREM Press Release 29.03

CRREM project has published a press release of the first report. The press release presents the firsts findings and the research process, that are based on the previous definition of the science-based carbon reduction pathways and targets. CRREM Press Release 29.03.19

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