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CRREM in Ambientum

An article about CRREM and their findings has been published in the digital newspaper Ambientum, focused on climate change and environmental topics. Find the link below: Ambientum – El sector inmobiliario comercial debe reducir sus emisiones

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CRREM in Expansión

Expansion, a Spanish newspaper specialized in economy and business, has published this article talking about CRREM. Here you can find the link: Expansión – Los edificios comerciales europeos tendrán que rebajar sus emisiones en más de un 80% en 2050

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CRREM in Sina (China)

The Chinese digital newspaper has posted a new talking about CRREM and the challenges of the real estate sector in the decarbonization process. Here you can find the link: 西媒:欧洲商业地产节能不易 实现巴黎协定目标难度大

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