DEKA recommends CRREM as a tool to assess and manage carbon performance of real estate

In their “Deka-Immobilienresearch Spezial: Klimaveränderungen und Immobilien(Editor’s note: Climate Change and Real Estate), DEKA states that besides extreme weather events, market participants need to focus on carbon emissions and pro-actively participate in the transformation of the building sector in terms of climate change.

Therefore, DEKA recommends CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) as best practices to measure carbon emissions, identify Stranded Assets, reduce carbon risk and avoid loss of property values.

Find out more at: Deka-Immobilienresearch Spezial: Klimaveränderungen und Immobilien


Börsen-Zeitung: Nachhaltigkeit als Baustein der Geschäftsstrategie


read the whole DEKA Study…

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