CRREM at the IV Workshop of the IEI (University of Alicante)

Our colleague Raúl Peréz (UA) presented the past 25th October in the IV Workshop of International Economy, organized by the Institute of International Economy, from the University of Alicante. During the meeting, Prof. Pérez introduced the project and the challenges of the building sector in the decarbonization process. Prof. Pérez presented the database construction process […]

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CRREM at Building magazine

Our colleague Juan José Lafuente has published an article about buildings stranding risk as a consequence of the EPC requirements. The article, titled ‘Sustainability: How EPC requirements could leave buildings at stranding risk’, explains how the new decarbonisation targets are a challenge for the UK Real Estate sector. The properties will need to adapt to […]

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Google’s tool ‘Environmental Insights Explorer’ is now available in Europe

Google created a tool to help cities to measure their pollution and their emission levels. The tool, which was available in the US, shows now information about Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin. In the future, other European cities like Wolverhampton, Coventry and Copenhagen will appear. The Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) offers data about: building emissions transport […]

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