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Spela in CRREM

Filip Elland (Head of Sustainability at Castellum) has recorded this video explaining the CRREM approach in Swedish.

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CRREM Press Release

CRREM has released the decarbonisation pathways for the global real estate sector that are now available for public consultation and has finalized the CRREM tool to help identify and manage transition risks for individual assets. CRREM provides the industry with global decarbonisation pathways for 28 countries in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific for the different asset […]

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CRREM at the DGNB Framework for ‘Carbon-neutral buildings and sites’

Our EIC member DGNB has included the CRREM tool in the updated version of its Framework for ‘carbon-neutral buildings and sites’. In the document, DGNB underlines the importance of CRREM with regards to decarbonising the EU commercial real estate sector. Here you can find the full report: DGNB Publications (English) / DGNB Publikationen (German)

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