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AEW Europe mentions CRREM in the ‘European Research Report: Managing & Pricing Climate Risk’

Our EIC member AEW Europe has mentioned CRREM in its latest report ‘European Research Report: Managing & Pricing Climate Risk’. CRREM has actively supported them in creating the report and doing the analysis. Here you can find the full report:

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CRREM in the final EU Taxonomy report

CRREM has been mentioned in the annexes of the final EU Taxonomy report. The EU report has been developed by the Technical Expert Group (TEG). Here you can read the text: “The Sustainable Finance Platform should develop appropriate criteria and thresholds to address carbon emissions arising from unregulated energy use (i.e. plug-in electric loads) in buildings, considering […]

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CRREM at the AEW Europe media coverage

Different digital media have published articles talking about the monthly report of our EIC member AEW Europe. The report has a strong focus on climate risk challenge and CRREM contribution to its mitigation. Here you can find the different articles: Property Magazine International – European investors not yet pricing in climate risks Property Funds World […]

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