Related Projects & Initiatives

CRREM is cooperating with the following projects & initiatives:


BuildingMinds leverages data-driven insights for corporates and real estate investment companies to make the best possible decisions for the present and future. Providing a single, centralized and secure platform with a dynamic Digital Building Twin, BuildingMinds consequently integrates decarbonisation strategies for the real estate sector: transparency of carbon emissions, resource efficiency and future-proofing buildings against climate risk, applying CRREM decarbonization pathways to identify stranded assets.


The International Building Performance & Data Initiative (IBPDI) was founded by CRREM partner and GSIC member BuildingMinds as well as Microsoft and pom+ and is the first global, industry-wide data and performance standard for real estate.The initiative aims at providing a standardised, harmonized and secure way of exchanging and connecting data for a more agile and well-based decision-making, taking into account all aspects of a real estate portfolio.


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