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Real estate and decarbonization. Special Issue of the Journal of European Real Estate Research

CRREM has coordinated and edited an Spacial Issue about Real Estate and Decarbonization. Guest Editors: Sven Bienert, Stanley McGreal, Paloma Taltavull Guest editorial Sven Bienert, Stanley McGreal, Paloma Taltavull Carbon risk real estate monitor: making decarbonisation in the real estate sector measurable Maximilian M. Spanner, Julia Wein The value effects of green retrofits Dirk Brounen, […]

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TIAS article: Twee voor twaalf

Our partner TIAS has posted an article talking about climate risk and investment dynamics. The post refers to Blackrock letter to CEO’s and presents CRREM as a means to measure and monitor carbon risk in real estate. Here you can read the full article in dutch: TIAS – Twee voor twaalf

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Rik Recourt: ‘ESG: Are you exposed to climate-change risk?’

Our colleague Rik Recourt (GRESB) has published an article in the real estate magazine ‘IPE: Real assets’. The text, posted on the November-December edition, talks about how the real estate investors can reduce their asset’s risk. The author explains how climate change can increase the risk os the real estate assets, due to physical and […]

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CRREM at Building magazine

Our colleague Juan José Lafuente has published an article about buildings stranding risk as a consequence of the EPC requirements. The article, titled ‘Sustainability: How EPC requirements could leave buildings at stranding risk’, explains how the new decarbonisation targets are a challenge for the UK Real Estate sector. The properties will need to adapt to […]

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