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Carbon Prices apply to over a fifth of global GHG emissions according to a new World Bank study

According to the world bank’s “State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2021” report, the total of 64 carbon pricing instruments applied around the world cover approx. 20 % of global GHG emissions resulting in a revenue of 53 Bn. US-$. However, the study also highlights that most carbon prices are still too low to limit […]

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EU Carbon Price hits record high

As per May the 4th, the EU carbon price exceeded 50 €/tonne, clearly highlighting the need for decarbonisation. Read more about carbon pricing and the record… or Find out how CRREM can help you to reduce your portfolios’ carbon emissions…

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German carbon tax targeting buildings

Since January the 1st 2021, Germany introduced also a carbon tax that will be relevant for buildings. Current regulatory plans indicate that landlords and tenants will cover the tax each by 50 %. A step up from the current 25 Euro per tonne is already part of the regulation. Find out more… or Start assessing […]

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