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IIGCC has published the draft Net Zero Investment Framework

IIGCC has published an advanced version of the consultation report ‘Net Zero Investment Framework’, from the Paris Aligned Investment Initiative. This document provides a practical blueprint for investors, with the goal to maximise their contribution in tackling climate change and achieving net zero emissions globally by 2050.+ Find the full document at PAII Net Zero […]

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CRREM has received the ARES Best Paper Award

The American Real Estate Society (ARES) has awarded the first paper of CRREM as the best of the European market. ARES has honoured this research with the “Best Paper European market” award. The paper was published in JOSRE and is available at  

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Spela in CRREM

Filip Elland (Head of Sustainability at Castellum) has recorded this video explaining the CRREM approach in Swedish.

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