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EU is starting to measure embodied carbon emissions from buildings

The European Commission is considering a new EU-wide requirement to measure the carbon emissions associated with construction materials throughout their whole lifecycle but is expected to stop short of regulating for now. Read more here or Find out how CRREM can assist you in the transition of your properties!  

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E-CREDA is live now!

“Benefit European commercial real estate (CRE) investment and finance markets by improving access to and understanding of available CRE data to facilitate higher quality applied research and more frequent interaction between investors, data providers and academics, who plan to work together to achieve data parity for CRE with other major asset classes, like stocks and […]

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Save the date: 19th of November 2021 – ERES Industry Seminar

Prof. Dr. Sven Bienert speaks at the second panel which will present sustainability and climate change mitigation related actions for real estate sector, insights of the latest research for current and future challenges to adapt to climate change and reduce carbonization, efficient policies for buildings. His topic is: Decarbonisation. CRREM approach to decarbonisation, reporting and […]

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