European Investor Committee

The European Investor Committee (EIC) operates as an advisory board to the CRREM project partners, comprising senior executives and key decision makers from across the European real estate industry. All EIC members are pioneers in addressing sustainability and climate risk within their companies and bring considered industry based expertise to the CRREM project. The membership structure encompasses a diverse range of subject relevant expertise including social responsibility, sustainability consulting, building regulation and compliance as well as climate risk research.

The EIC membership will provide valuable input into the design and development of a software tool to support the decarbonization of the real estate industry as well as adding to the robustness and credibility of the project outputs. Moreover, EIC members will serve as independent expert reviewers of the CRREM project - challenging results and outcomes to ensure market acceptance and credibility - as well as contributing to the dissemination of project findings and outcomes.  The EIC helps to ensure that the CRREM tool fulfils industry needs by ensuring contextual relevancy and alignment to industry expectations. To achieve this, the EIC members will engage in project meetings in order to share specialised technical expertise throughout the design and development process and promote the use of the tool within industry during the testing and validation phase.

EIC members (more applicants are about to join)

Aberdeen Standard Investments
Credit Suisse Asset Managment (Schweiz) AG
Ista International
University of Cambridge
Urban Land Institute


Ruairi Revell (ESG Manager, Real Estate)


Roger Baumann (COO and Head Sustainability Global Real Estate)


Dr Anna Braune (Director of Research and Development)


Gloria Duci (ESG Officer)

Emily Hamilton (Sustainability Manager)


Mathieu Elshout (Chair Sustainability Committee)

Hans Martin Hermann (Senior Manager Public Affairs)


Tom Byrne (Sustainability Manager)

  Olaf Schulze (Director Energy Management, Investments & Technical Solutions)

Mathieu Elshout (Senior Director Private Real Estate)


Franz Fuerst (Professor of Real Estate and Urban Economics)



Marta Schantz (Senior Vice President of ‘Greenprint Center for Building Performance’)


Stephen Richardson (EeMAP Consortium Partner)