• 2021, January 12th, Greenprint Members-Only webinar on the CRREM tool for global real estate (information)


  • 2020, December 4th. E-Creda (European Commercial Real Estate Data Alliance) inaugural conference. (Registration) (Programme)
  • 2020, October 8-9th. 16. Immobilien-Symposium des IRE|BS Institut für Immobilienwirtschaft, Virtual. (Programme)
  • 2020, September 23rd. ZIA Meeting.
  • 2020, September 4th. ERES-CRREM Industrial Seminar, London (Virtual), UK. (Programme & Registration)
  • 2020, July 7th. DGBC Workshop, Virtual. (Presentation)
  • 2020, June 9th. Sustainable Real Estate University Seminar, Regensburg, Germany. (Presentation)
  • 2020, May 19th. IIGCC Investor Workshop, Virtual. (Presentation)
  • 2020, April 9th. UNEP FI Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance Event, Virtual. (Presentation)
  • 2020, March 4rd. Seminar at Henley Business School, Reading, UK. (Presentation)
  • 2020, February 18-19th. Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum, Brussels, Belgium. (Web/Agenda)
  • 2020, February 15th. Technical Seminar at the University of Alicante, Alicante, Spain. (Web)
  • 2020, February 5th. ULI Europe Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Presentation)



  • 2018, December 6th. Final event of SEFIPA, Vienna, Austria. (Programme)
  • 2018, October 10th. EIC Meeting in the Expo Real Meeting, Munich, Germany. (Programme)
  • 2018, September 26th. DGNB Immobilienbeirat Meeting, Stuttgart, Germany. (Programme)
  • 2018, April 11-14th. ARES Annual Conference 2018, Bonita Springs, Florida, US.